Instatruck in the media

  • Ute Hotshots to Minesites

    Instatruck ute hotshots

    Did you know that Instatruck does ute  (small urgent) hotshots to mine sites? As the Western Australian mining industry hots up, Instatruck can assist you with all your hotshot needs. If you need to send urgent parts to mine sites we are here to help. Recent ute hotshots that...

  • Last Mile Runs

    SMART Logistics – String runs together and reduce costs for last mile delivery

    Reduce costs and maintain control of your logistics. Did you know that 75% of jobs entered by our customers are milk drop runs? Our customers include some of the largest retailers, FMCG and Logistics companies in Australia. If you’re Perth-based, join the SMART logistics revolution – get matched to...

  • Instatruck described as the uber for trucks

    Customer is Key: Article in WA Business News

    Thanks to Charlie Gunningham for the shout out in WA Business News this week. “In the transport sector,  Instatruck has been described as the Uber for Trucks… Instatruck developed a platform to better match delivery demand with fleet availability.” “More recently we’ve discovered an even bigger problem, Lancaster told...

  • Transport Systems Need to be Upgraded

    Transport Systems Need to be Upgraded – Australian Article

    A nice little mention for Instatruck in the Australian from Peter Liddell of KPMG “With the proliferation of tech start-ups, Liddell says businesses no longer have to be burdened with big technology spend to run more efficiently. It is now much cheaper to install and can be run on...

  • Elements Logo _TMS

    Introducing Elements: Enterprise shipments solution

    After several years in the making, Instatruck is pleased to announce that Elements will launch in the coming weeks. This exciting new technology allows shippers to organise multiple optimised runs simultaneously at the click of the button. Elements powerful algorithm will help you to minimise the time and money...

  • 5 ways tech can improve last mile logistics

    Let’s face it, last mile transport and delivery can be hard.. With the onset of COVID-19 and the shift to online delivery, it has become apparent to many businesses that the traditional way of doing logistics needs to be re-examined. The good news is, there are now many ways...

  • String together Delivery Runs

    Have you ever just wanted to sort out your own delivery runs, and have full control about what and when it is delivered? One of the cool things that you can use Instatruck’s tech for is to string runs of deliveries together to reduce the per unit cost of...

  • aside

    Run Creation Technology

    Perth logistics people – we need your assistance . Instatruck, a Perth based truck matching platform, is building some new tech which assists companies to build the lowest cost combination of loads – manage your contractor fleet – and tap into external ad-hoc and on-demand transport. The runs creation...

  • Flatbed Fridays

    Happy flatbed Friday! Another Instatruck moving a truckload of industrial products. Look at that excellent load restraint. #Instatruck #couriertrucks #transport #ondemand #perthisok #trucksondemand #perthsmallbusiness #perthbusiness #perthbuilders #smallbusinessperth #perthevents #problemsolver #perthbuilding #perthb2btransport #perthcourier #loadrestraint

  • Today one of our drivers headed to sunny Manjimup

    Today one of our drivers headed to sunny Manjimup to deliver a light pole. We go anywhere, anytime on-demand. #trucksondemand #perthb2btransport #perthcourier #perthtradies #perthlogistics #perthisok #regionalwa #perth #manjimup #perthsmallbusiness #perthbusiness #perthbuilders #smallbusinessperth #perthevents #problemsolver #perthbuilding