Instatruck – Transport made easy

Transport made easy

Instantly get matched to a pre-screened and insured transport operator.

On-demand or pre-scheuled. It’s what we’re good at.

Access the Instatruck platform via  web, iPhone or Android apps.

On-demand delivery and transport platform

Save time and money on your transport – here’s how

timely delivery and transport of your goods
On-demand delivery from your phone
a cheap on-demand delivery transport

Fast point to point delivery

80% of vans and utes will arrive at pick up within 20 mins; 75% of trucks in 40 mins.

Quick, easy booking

Reduce time and money on dispatch and take less than 30 seconds to book a truck.

Get upfront price estimates 

Our premium point to point service is based on standard rates.

Track your transport and deliveries from your phone
Get better service for your delivery and transport
On stop shop for transport of goods

Live tracking 

You can track your truck’s location and the status of your delivery from start to end.

Great transport operators

Our ratings and pre-screening means you connect with great transport operators.

One place for your transport

 Organise your transport in one spot, and connect to a huge range of trucks.

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If you have any question about how Instatruck can help you cure your transport headaches, or you want a price estimate, call David on 0427 806 758, or create a free account.