Instatruck Trucks on-demand

Access and manage your on-demand transport on one easy-to-use platform

timely delivery and transport of your goods

Fast point to point delivery

80% of vans and utes will arrive at pick up within 20 mins; 75% of trucks in 40 mins.

Track your transport and deliveries from your phone

Live tracking 

Both you and your customers can track your truck’s location and the status of your deliveries from start to end.

Create and optimise delivery runs

Use our multistop function to string together and optimise your deliveries and reduce your per unit drop rate.

Get better service for your delivery and transport

Great transport operators

Our pre-screening, on-boarding and driver ratings means that we connect you with great transport operators.

Manage all your transport in one spot

We know it’s hard to manage multiple deliveries and jobs at once. Our platform makes it easy to manage your jobs in one spot.

On stop shop for transport of goods

Chain of Responsibility

All drivers are onboarded with COR training and COR checks are built into the system.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us:


Bluescope Instatruck

We’ve been using Instatruck for several years out of our Fielders Branch. We love their platform. It provides our business with a flexible transport solution for our urgent and orphan truck runs and deliveries. Our customers love the track and trace links and we love the speed of the truck matching and the quality of the drivers. We would recommend Instatruck to any business looking for an alternative transport solution.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman Logo

Instatruck allows us to supercharge our deliveries and lets us offer our customers on-demand deliveries when they walk into the store.  We also use their technology to string together truck runs for same day deliveries. Their on-demand trucks often beat our customers home.

Hurford Wholesale

Hurford Wholesale Instatruck

Instatruck makes it so easy for me to book trucks. At the end of each day, I sit down and book all my transport for the next day. The transport operators provided are always very professional, and the prices are good. Its clear the Instatruck team know exactly what they are doing and understand my needs as a customer. I would absolutely recommend Instatruck to any business.

AMG Pump Rentals

We move our pumps using Instatruck. These pumps vary from small to large and we move them using various truck sizes, crane trucks and utes which we source on-demand from Instatruck.

Kennards Hire

Kennards Hire

We’ve been using Instatruck for some time. The tech is really easy to use. It’s impressive how quickly the trucks turn up and how good the service is. I would recommend this to any business.

Orbit Fitness Equipment

Instatruck has been a great help for us with increased and peak demand period. Each store has an account and can easily manage their transport and delivery requirements independently from head office. Our dispatch team also uses the Instatruck platform for stock runs. It is a great system.