How Instatruck works

Getting started with Instatruck
Step One
Create a free account and book your delivery online
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Step Two
Enter your delivery or run and get a price estimate
Step Three
Get matched to trucks fast and track your goods live
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Step Four
Manage all your freight / deliveries on one platform
What are your operating hours?

Instatruck operates 24/7.

Can I add, delete or change stops on pre-booked jobs?

You can add delivery stops or add products to existing stops on your job detail page, look for the ‘+’ buttons on the job detail page. We do not currently support adding a new pick-up stop, to do so, you will need to either cancel and re-book your job or contact our operations centre at 1800 844 996.

Can I get a contract?

Instatruck is a network of owner drivers that operate independently. Contracts or set runs are not offered, rather the platform offers a work life balance of being able to sign in to work when you choose for on-demand, ad hoc work.

Can I track my deliveries?

Yes. All our jobs have live tracking so you can follow all your deliveries in real time. If you enter mobile numbers for the contact details on your stops, we will also send tracking links to those receivers when the driver is on the way to their stop.

Can I get proof of delivery for my goods?

As soon as your delivery is completed you can view and print the Instatruck invoice receipt from your job detail page.

Are delivery prices fixed?

Our system will generate a price estimate for you based on the details of your job. Please note that this is only an estimate, and the actual price of your job will vary depending on actual loading/unloading times.

Can I have a trailer towed?

Yes, Instatruck has registered and insured towing vehicles fitted with electric brakes. Trailers must be registered and in good condition (correct weight and dimensions must be entered on the booking page.

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