Support for shippers

How do I set up an account for delivery?

Click on the make a booking button and follow the sign up prompts.

How do I pay for my delivery?

Payment must be made on the Instatruck platform, please do not make payments directly to the drivers. You will need to add a credit or debit card to your account and the system will automatically charge you for the job at the completion of your delivery. Please contact us at 1800 844 996 if you would like to set up a company account.

Can I book an on-demand delivery?

Yes! Instatruck is an on-demand delivery platform. Our system will automatically match you with the closest available truck appropriate for your job.

Can I track my deliveries?

Yes. All our jobs have live tracking so you can follow all your deliveries in real time. If you enter mobile numbers for the contact details on your stops, we will also send tracking links to those receivers when the driver is on the way to their stop.

Are delivery prices fixed?

Our system will generate a price estimate for you based on the details of your job. Please note that this is only an estimate, and the actual price of your job will vary depending on actual loading/unloading times.

Can I book multiple deliveries and pickups on the same job?

Yes, the Instatruck system is designed to make it easy for you to combine deliveries and pick-ups in whatever order you like. After entering your details for the first stop, click on “MY JOB HAS MULTIPLE STOPS” and then add pick-up and delivery stops as you require.

Can I get proof of delivery for my goods?

As soon as your delivery is completed you can view and print the Instatruck invoice receipt from your job detail page.

Can I change the delivery time on a job I have booked?

Yes, but this must be done at least 40 minutes before the job is due to start on Utes and Vans, and 1-hour prior on trucks.

Will I be charged a call out fee if I cancel a delivery?

A call out fee will be charged if you cancel a job after the vehicle is on its way to the pick-up address.

What happens if my goods are damaged during transport?

All carriers have their own insurance and issues must be taken up directly with the carrier involved. It is strongly recommended that Shippers carry their own insurance as well.

Shipper questions answered
Can I book a job in advance?

Yes, when entering a job you can choose to have it on-demand (as soon as possible) or for pick-up at a specific date and time.

How much will my job cost?

Our system will generate a price estimate for you based on the details of your job. Please note that this is only an estimate, and the actual price of your job will vary depending on actual loading/unloading times.

Do you take bookings over the phone?

Instatruck is an online only platform, and all bookings must be made on our web app.

What are your operating hours?

Instatruck operates 24/7.

Do you have insurance for my goods?

All Instatruck carriers are required to have Goods in Transit and Public Liability Insurance in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Can I contact the driver/carrier?

Yes, when your job is matched to a driver, their contact details will appear on your job detail screen.

Can I have a trailer towed?

Yes, Instatruck has registered and insured towing vehicles fitted with electric brakes. Trailers must be registered and in good condition (correct weight and dimensions must be entered on the booking page.

Can I add, delete or change stops on pre-booked jobs?

You can add delivery stops or add products to existing stops on your job detail page, look for the ‘+’ buttons on the job detail page. We do not currently support adding a new pick-up stop, to do so, you will need to either cancel and re-book your job or contact our operations centre at 1800 844 996.

What goods does Instatruck NOT accept?

We do not accept dangerous goods, oversize loads and house moves. If you are unsure about your products please shoot us a message on our chatbot, Izzy.

Is it ok to estimate the load size or weight?

Please make sure the weight and dimensions you enter are as accurate as possible. If you are unsure about the size and weight of your load, please call us at 1800 844 996.

What types of trucks does Instatruck have on its platform?

Instatruck has a wide range of vehicles such as utes, vans, pantechs, curtainsiders, flatbeds and crane trucks.

Do delivery vehicles carry restraints, tarps and packing blankets?

All vehicles are required to have the following: packing blankets, tarps,
appropriate load restraints, hand trolley, and corner protection as per carrier terms
and conditions.

Does Instatruck have two-person trucks?

Yes, a second delivery driver or assistant can be requested on the booking platform. For health, safety and insurance reasons we do not allow for Shippers to ride in the truck with Drivers.

Do the vehicles have specialised equipment?

Yes, special equipment can be requested in the bookings system – such as tail lifts, tow bars and roof racks. On our booking form, you may add special equipment requirements after selecting your truck type.

Do you do hot shots or country deliveries?

Yes, the system allows deliveries up to a maximum of 7.5 hour’s drive from point zero of the CBD. Longer deliveries can be arranged by using our contact form at

How do I know what truck type to choose?

If your total items weigh less than 1,000kg and are smaller than 240cm (length) x 180cm (width) x 200cm (height) they will fit onto a Ute. Anything larger or heavier than this will generally require a truck. Please call 1800 844 996 if you are unsure about which vehicle to select for your job.

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