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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need my own vehicle?

Yes, Instatruck is a vehicle sharing platform. Instatruck does not own any vehicles and does not hire drivers – you must have your own registered and roadworthy vehicle, which could be a van, ute, truck or other commercial-grade vehicle.

What type of vehicle do I need to sign up for Instatruck?
  • 1 Tonne tray back Ute
  • 1 or 2 Tonne Van
  • Pantech
  • Tautliner
  • Flatbed
  • Crane Truck
What do I need to sign up?

To sign up to drive with Instatruck, you’ll need the following:

  • A roadworthy vehicle
  • A valid Australian driver’s licence with the appropriate vehicle classification
  • Have full working rights in Australia
  • A current ABN that’s registered for GST
  • Carry both Goods in Transit Insurance (up to $200,000) and Public Liability Insurance (up to $20,000,000) for the vehicle
  • PPE/equipment that is required for your vehicle type. (See Requirements page for reference)
  • Be fit and able to drive
  • Demonstrated driving, manual handling and load restraint abilities
What are the hours and working minimums?

There is no minimum amount of work required when you register for Instatruck. The
Instatruck platform is open 24/7, with you the driver deciding your hours and your schedule.

Drivers however are required to adhere to standard fatigue management as outlined by the Department of Transportation and need to take rest breaks per those guidelines.

What will I be delivering?

At Instatruck we are connected to businesses spanning many industries. You’ll be able to accept jobs moving retail goods, industrial items, and anything in between. We do not accept jobs involving ‘dangerous goods’.

Instatruck excels in courier-type work that moves outside the standard package delivery, so anything that can fit on your truck type and size can potentially be a job. It’s up to you as a driver to decide what you’re comfortable with. But the more items you accept to ship the more you will get paid.

How much does it cost to sign up?

It’s free to create a Driver account and register your vehicle with the Instatruck platform. All costs associated with opening, operating, insuring and running your vehicle and your personal health and safety remain your responsibility.

How does payment work?

Instatruck charges each job using our advanced cost calculating algorithm that considers all factors of courier work, ensuring that each job you complete reflects the labour you’ve put in. Looking at the time and distance of each job, what vehicle type you’re using, and any specifical equipment may be required are just some of the things considered when calculating your payment. A small licensing fee is charged by Instatruck for each job lodged via our platform, and Instratruck receives a variable fee based upon the value of each job.

Payment is processed fortnightly, with pay runs finishing on the Thursday and payment
falling on the following Tuesday. Tax invoices are supplied with each fortnightly payment, allowing you to review your earnings with ease. As you are a subcontractor, taxes such as GST are required to be paid by you on the gross earnings paid.

Can I get a contract?

Instatruck is a network of owner drivers that operate independently. Contracts or set runs are not offered, rather the platform offers a work life balance of being able to sign in to work when you choose for on-demand, ad hoc work.

Where is your depot located?

Instatruck is a point-to-point delivery service. No depot means you can go online/offline wherever you are, even from home to be eligible to receive job offers – so long as you’re ready to go

I have multiple drivers/vehicles, can I register them too?

Absolutely. Each driver and vehicle will need to undergo the same signup process and await approval from our team, but Instatruck allows you to register as many vehicles as you please.

What additional equipment can I use on the Instatruck platform?

Vehicles with trade racks, tow bar setups, tail lifts and other speciality equipment may be eligible to be registered with the platform. Privately owned trailers are not permitted on our Platform.

Where does Instatruck operate?

Instatruck operates throughout Western Australia (within 650 km of point zero in Perth) and Adelaide. Instatruck will be operating in  Melbourne towards the end of 2023.

What do I do in the case of a collision, damage or an altercation?

We do our best to keep Drivers safe. However, as a subcontractor, issues that may require an insurance claim, personal injury or other damage should be directed to your insurer, and where relevant, the police for further investigation. After you have done so, please notify the Instatruck team and let us know you’re okay — we’ll contact the customer to explain the situation and arrange alternative transportation for the goods if required.

Is there an app I can download?

Yes. Instatruck has launched a new Onboarding App to simplify the process of adding new vehicles and drivers.

As soon as you’ve been onboarded and approved you can download the Instatruck Driver app and receive jobs straight away.

No hardware is installed in your vehicle. All jobs are sent directly to your smartphone using the Instatruck Driver app.

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