Why become a driver?

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Easy access to loads

Log in and get connected to jobs in your immediate area.

Get matched to fast delivery and transport

Get paid quickly

Get paid fortnightly for the jobs you do.

a cheap on-demand delivery transport

Earn more money

Connect with more jobs and increase the ROI for your truck.

On stop shop for transport of goods

No more invoicing

Senders are billed and we instantly collect the payment for you.

timely delivery and transport of your goods

Pick your hours

You pick your own hours – we don’t tell you when to work.

On-demand delivery from your phone

We help to fill your gaps

Instatruck can help to keep your wheels turning in between other jobs

Here’s what some of our drivers had to say about Instatruck:


Instatruck is great for customers and great for drivers. It’s incredible the number of times I have gone online with their system and been matched to a job less than 10 minutes away. It is great to have an additional avenue for picking up jobs and their rates are consistent and fair.

8t Crane Truck


I have a 6t Flatbed and have been using Instatruck’s platform for 3 years. Instatruck helps to keep me on the road and working. The driver app is easy to use and the customers have been pretty good so far too.

6t Flatbed


Vince Testimonial

I reckon it’s good! Less stress, flexible hours, good bunch of blokes to work with, and at least I can get someone on the phone when I call in.

1t Ute


Instatruck has been such a great help to me over the last 6 months. It’s been really good for filling in the gaps and picking up extra work when it gets quiet.

1t Van