Quantum leaps in on-demand transport with the use of Instatruck’s truck matching platform

Quantum leaps in on-demand transport with the use of Instatruck’s truck matching platform
June 20, 2019 Siobhan Lancaster

20 June 2019: Instatruck’s on-demand truck matching platform is revolutionising transport and logistics.

There is a reason why Instatruck was the recipients of WA’s Innovator of the Year Award in the Growth Category. Instatruck’s truck matching platform is a quantum leap forward in on-demand transport and deliveries.

In essence, Instatruck is like an “Uber for Trucks”. It enables businesses to book a truck in 30 seconds, get matched to trucks in minutes, and to track and trace deliveries live.

Even receivers get a live track-and-trace link to their mobile. This massively reduces those time-wasting and annoying phone calls from customers, asking “what time will my delivery arrive?”.

Another benefit of live SMS links to receivers is that there are fewer unsuccessful deliveries. As a sender,  you can also monitor handling times. This creates massive efficiencies for business, as well as huge cost savings. It also makes for “happy deliveries”, with customers remarking on how “fast and good” the delivery is.

For suppliers and retailers, good on-demand delivery,  can elevate a business to legendary status, as well as providing a competitive advantage. One of Instatruck’s large retail customers uses Instatruck to stop customers from “going next door”. They use it as a way to close sales, by offering “immediate delivery”. Which from a service point of view is pretty hard to beat. This same customer has remarked that “Instatruck is so fast it beats my customers home”

The secret to Instatruck’s success is the way Instatruck’s automated truck matching formula works. This ensures that goods are matched quickly and picked up fast; and that a customer is never sent the wrong-sized or type of truck. A customer simply enter an order on his/her desktop and watches whilst the job gets matched live to the closest best matching truck from Instatruck’s network of over 200 fully screened drivers – including utes, vans, curtainsiders, flatbeds, crane trucks.

At the time of booking, senders can see exactly where the driver is and how long it will take for the driver to get to the pickup, reducing a great deal of stress about when exactly, a load will be picked up. This is perfect for “urgents”, as deliveries are never consolidated with other customers, rather they are point-to-point, ensuring a premium on-demand delivery. And because transparency is the order of the day, the status of your deliveries are updated, throughout the delivery process.

As a scheduler, dispatch or ops person; putting together PUDs or milk-drop delivery runs; using Instatruck’s system is a godsend.

You are able to drop and drag your stops for the most convenient delivery route, or optimise your stops for the cheapest route. This potentially saves your dispatch or schedulers hours each day and reduces the costs of the runs.

Its no wonder that some of Instatruck’s customers have described Instatruck, as “3PL on steroids”.

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