Introducing Elements: Enterprise shipments solution

Introducing Elements: Enterprise shipments solution
August 17, 2020 Jonathan Wong
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After several years in the making, Instatruck is pleased to announce that Elements will launch in the coming weeks.

This exciting new technology allows shippers to organise multiple optimised runs simultaneously at the click of the button. Elements powerful algorithm will help you to minimise the time and money you spend organising and transporting goods.

Instatruck’s CEO, Siobhan Lancaster, said of Elements

We are very excited to offer this technology to our customers. Elements closes the circuit for big shippers, allowing them to optimise their shipments into the lowest cost combination of runs. Elements then taps into the accredited shared economy of owner drivers and matches the runs to the closest, best matching trucks to ensure that you have a fully flexible fleet of trucks at your disposal. This will truly revolutionise transport for big shippers, by empowering them to offer on demand and same day delivery with certainty that it can be achieved “.

 “Elements is a key component of a broader strategy for Instatruck to develop a LightTouch TMS “.

About Instatruck

Instatruck is a truck matching platform that makes it easier, faster and more reliable for businesses to move goods on-demand, same day or next day.

Instatruck has a suite of multinational and national customers. Instatruck’s platform supports anything from on-demand deliveries, PUD’s, scheduled local or regional runs, and even stringing runs together for outbound distribution.

Vehicles on our platform include utes, vans, curtainsiders, flatbeds, pantechs and crane trucks up to a 12 tonne carrying capacity.

Click the link below to register for a live demo and early access to Elements.