Run Creation Technology

Run Creation Technology
May 14, 2020 Jonathan Wong

Perth logistics people – we need your assistance .

Instatruck, a Perth based truck matching platform, is building some new tech which assists companies to build the lowest cost combination of loads – manage your contractor fleet – and tap into external ad-hoc and on-demand transport.

The runs creation technology will have several components:

  1. API links to your existing data;
  2. A shipments board which enables to select shipments;
  3. The conversion of those shipments into the lowest cost combination of runs.
  4. The ability to drop and drag shipments from one run to the next and rearrange the run;
  5. Ability to dispatch the runs to existing contractual trucks or to Instatruck’s on demand network of trucks;
  6. Live viewing of jobs and job status, including notifications about whether there are hold ups on site and whether the truck is running on time;
  7. A reporting module – with key metrics such as avg drop price, price per tonne, no. of drops in an hour, total cost for the day, site delays.

If you are a business with 20 plus shipments a day in the manufacturing or industrial space and are interested in assisting with testing of the run creation technology and the design process please contact us, or email

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